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When Darkness falls, a World is born.
Detectives Ilya Romanov and Sonia Flores are called in to investigate a grisly murder outside of a trendy nightclub, The Nocturne. It's a race against time to stop the killer from striking next. Romanov and Flores soon discover that the Nocture's mysterious owners, Mikhail and Arya Vladimir may hold a missing piece to the puzzle. Immortal Kiss has been a work in progess that took 9 years to bring to press.

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The Characters of Immortal Kiss
Ilya Romanov™
Chicago PD Homicide Detective. Age 42. Son of the late Captain Nikolai (Nick) Romanov. Entered the police academy at age 22. Once engaged to Kassandra Malone, a popular hollywood actress during the 80's decade.
Sonia Flores™
Chicago PD Homicide Detective. Ilya Romanov's partner. Age 30. Divorced, Mother of two son Raul (Ralphie) and Lidia ages 7 and 9.

Mikhail Vladimir™
Owner of The Nocturne, a trendy bar and nightclub in downtown Chicago. The Noctune opened its doors on October 31, 2003.
Arya Vladimir™
Mikhail's wife and business partner. Arya is also a performance artist and singer in her spare time.

Baltimore Comic-Con 2005

Corey Scales signs
a copy of IK #1

Dion Floyd signs
a copy of IK #1

Dion Floyd & Corey Scales
creator and co-writer of IK

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