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UPDATED 12/23/09
Crucial Crisis Comix™ Joins Graphic Illusions Studios!
After weeks of some slight teasing it's time to let the cat out of the bag. Crucial Crisis Comix has joined forces with G.I. Studios. There are tons of details to reveal. In the meantime here's the official press release.

Press Release 12-23-09

UPDATED 11/4/09
Thanks for making Boston Comic Con Another Success!
Been super busy around the office here so we apologize for the lull in updates. We jst wanted to thank all of the usual suspects as well as the new ones who stopped by this year's show to check us out, buy books, and to comission sketches!

UPDATED 10/16/09
Weclome to Our All New Website!
It's been a few years coming, but we've finally refreshed our website. Over the past decade we've given the site a few facelifts, but none this well planned. We've added lytebox more galleries, social networking links, quick jumps to our store, and individual book previews to every page! There are new page headers that randomly spotlight our cool characters from across all of our comic book titles. More excting news to come as we leap into the end of 2009 with a lot more surprises on the way!

PS - The Newsletter signup is just as placeholder for now, but we'll be adding it shortly. Thanks for your patience!

UPDATED 10/16/09
The Future never looked so good!
For years we've sat on the incredibly detailed work by artist Pat Presley. His concept art for the locations in Urban Sprawl™ are jawdropping! There is no better time than the persent to show off the future. Since we were updating each mini-site anyway two new character designs by Mshindo Kuumba I. have also been added to the site - Omar Colon™ and Lord Darrke Sin™.

UPDATED 9/21/09
The New England Comic Book Show - Con-quered!
Thanks for making this another successful show for us, everyone! While the crowd wasn't as big as most shows this first show under new management brought us a handful of new friends and fans alike. Thanks to Richard and family, Cody and his GF, the 'boys' from Kappy's in Medford (I'm glad all health things considered you made it!), to our new father and son friends from Cape Cod, and more - thank you ALL for a great Sunday!

Appearances | The Rift™

UPDATED 8/26/09
Ryan Quintal's tutorial on digital inking!
Ryan interviewed us about a month ago at the Comic Book Show in Westford, MA. At the show he bought a sketch from artist Enrique "Zeke" Savory Jr. for a Ja'laar™ (The Rift™) to be used in a future tutorial. Without further ado here is his first tutorial in 1080p!

Inking Comic Books in Illustrator - Part 1 from Ryan Quintal on Vimeo.

UPDATED 8/9/09 mirrors interview with Ryan Quintal!
Darren Albert's has picked up Ryan Quintal's recent video interview with Enrique Savory Jr., artist of The Rift™, as he talks about drawing for comics with Ryan and sketches out a character headshot for a future tutorial to be featured on Ryan's website.

SciFiScoop Article | The Rift™ Comics

UPDATED 8/3/09
Ryan Quintal interviews Enrique Savory Jr. about comic art!
This past weekend Ryan stopped by our booth at the Comic Book Show in Westford, MA. Also featured in his video is our good friend Jason Casey, 52 Zines' creator Josh Sullivan, and our own Enrique "Zeke" Savory Jr.. Zeke took time to share some of his expertise while sketching a Ja'laar™ (The Rift™) piece for Ryan.
Ryan's next video post will be a tutorial on how to take the sketch of Ja'laar™ and digitally ink it into Adobe Illustrator. Comic Book Show - Westford, MA by Ryan Quintal

UPDATED 7/30/09
Come check out Larry's Comic Book Show This Weekend!
Westford Regency Hotel, Exit 32 Off of 495. We'll be appearing at this event at this location selling our full color comics, signing books, and drawing sketches for all local fans! There'll be tons of other special guests and vendors so be sure to come by and check everything out!

Special Guests:
Andrew LoVuolo - Writer, (The Rift™,Marshal™), Enrique Savory Jr. - Artist, The Rift™, Totem™

For more details hit up!

UPDATED 7/28/09
The Sun Chronicle chats up Andrew LoVuolo about writing!
Mike Gelbwasser of the Attleboro Sun Chronicle sat down recently with writer/creator of The Rift™, Andrew LoVuolo, and chatted him up about writing comics with a focus on using Boston-based locations in The Rift™. The interview also discusses the state of the comics biz today as well as a little backstory on Graphic Illusions Studios and the books Andrew has been involved with. Head on over and give it a read!

With One Magic Word's interview with Andrew LoVuolo

UPDATED 7/20/09
The 'Descendant' descends on comic shops everywhere!
OK, so we're plugging two non-Graphic Illusions books today. This is another hot book created by our friend Mike Dolce and co-written by Marcus Perry, a former screenwriter for the Weinstein Company. This Image Comics title has a sweet Tyler Kirkham cover. Oh, yeah, we designed the Aztec-themed logo for this book!

Order 'Descendant' at

UPDATED 7/20/09
Get your guitar picks ready as 'The Fro' let's his hair down!
A good friend of ours, Chris Harden, just dropped his first-ever graphic novel! Here's the quick pitch: Tom Dull is given super powers and super talent when he dons a musical afro from mysterious Tibetan Monks. Will he use it to save the world or to kickstart his music career? If you had the choice to become a Rock Star or a Superhero, what would YOU choose? Cover art by Mario Gully!

Learn more about 'The Fro'!

UPDATED 7/13/09
The time has come for a site redesign.
As you may or may not have noticed we've swapped fonts from Arial to Tahoma over the weekend on roughly 90% of the site. This current design has been well complmented since 2006 so it's long overdue for a refresh. New focus will be put on simplifying the navigation, streamlining the GUI, increasing store visibility, and adding All-new comics titles to our publishing lineup! Stay tuned for more info!

UPDATED 6/22/09 Scoops Us – Again!
Back in April of 2009 ran a feature about the return of our sci-fi western Marshal™. The original book and its never-before-seen second issue were now being offered exclusively as digital downloads. This time their spotlight shifts to our six-issue comic book series, The Rift™. So head on over to read what Sci-Fi Scoop's own Darren Albert had to say about The Rift™.

SciFiScoop Article | The Rift™ Comics

UPDATED 6/13/09
DCBS's First Light Continues to Shine!
Last eyar we signed a few deals to sell our books through various online comic book retailers. Discount Comic Book Services was one of them. They continue to evolve and enhance their online store and remain one of the rare independent-friendly e-tailers that we've come to know and love. We're happy to report that we've recently added the most recent issue of The Rift #5 to their product offerings and that we're selling a substantial amount of books to new and old fans out there.

DCBS First Light | The Rift™ Comics

UPDATED 5/9/09
The Rift™ #6 All New cover Unveiled!
A year ago Italian-based artist Antonio Bifulco was working with us on a film adaptation when sadly the project's financing partner fell through. We've kept in touch and have since met face-to-face during this year's New York Comic Con. Since Antonio was a solid professional and his artwork was just too good to pass up we decided to give him a shot at final cover to The Rift series! So here it is along with a sneak peek at the entire process from concepts to pencils to the final piece. Enjoy!

The Rift #6 feature

UPDATED 5/9/09
Free Comic Book Day 2009 Success!
Thanks to everyone that stopped by for event deals and to check out our past and present titles on Free Comic Book Day! The good people at Harrison's Comics in Medford, MA treated us right. Stop by and check them out for your local comic needs!

UPDATED 4/27/09
Free Comic Book Day 2009 is This Weekend!
Andrew LoVuolo - Writer, The Rift™ and Marshal™ will be appearing this Saturday, May 2nd at Harrison's Comics in Medford, Massachusetts. Andrew will be on-hand selling and signing all FIVE issues of The Rift as well as taking commissions on sketches.

Free Comic Book Day is a single day - the first Saturday in May - when participating comic book shops across North America and around the world give away comic books absolutely FREE* to anyone who comes into their stores. *Check with your local shop for their participation and rules.


UPDATED 4/16/09
Sci-Fi Western ‘Marshal’ Article at!
We had just announced the Marshal #1 and #2 as being available online as a digital downloads and now Darren over at has posted an entire article detailing the history of the series' launch and resurrection as well as some insight into the characters and plot. Head on over and have yourselves a great read!

Marshal™ :: Read the SciFiScoop Article

UPDATED 4/15/09
Sequel to the Sold Out ‘Marshal’ Has Landed!
It's one of the most requested titles that we've printed. the first issue sold out at the distributor level. Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter debuted in issue #1 bringing its value upwards of $40 on eBay. Even though all four issues had been written and several were being drawn a splitting up of co-publishers (Marvel and DB Pro) forced the series into an unforseen stall.

Now the wait is over! We're not just re-releasing Marshal™ #1 as a digtial download, but we're also releasing for the first time ever Marshal™2 strictly as a digital download available right now through Eagle One Media. So head on over and be the first to sample the sequel to the sold out original comic!

Marshal™ :: View Our Digital Downloads

UPDATED 4/6/09
Boston Comic Con - Conquered!
Thanks to everyone who came out to support us! From our friends and family to total strangers that became fans over the weekend we thank you all for your time and for giving us a shot at opening up our world(s) to you! Thanks also to Paul Gulacy for helping us push some issues of The Rift #4 bearing his special cover art. It was our pleasure to meet, greet and sketch for you. See you at the next show!

UPDATED 4/1/09
Naima Goes to War!
Dave Ryan's War of the Independents is a 6-issue series combining some of your favorite indie comic book characters together for the first time in one story! We're proud to announce that our very own Naima from Dion Floyd's Urban Sprawl™ will appear in one of the issues of this year's series. Click on the links to learn more!

War of the Independents :: "War of" artwork :: Urban Sprawl™

UPDATED 3/16/09
Our Digital Downloads Are LIVE!
We're LIVE now on Eagle One Media's all new digital downloads database! You can now order The Rift™ #1 thru #4 as well as Marshal #1 which has long been sold out in print! Dion Floyd's Immortal Kiss series is coming shortly too!

Note: Technical issues on the Rift #2 and #3 PDFs are being sorted out and will be reuploaded very soon!

Eagle One Media :: The Rift™ :: Marshal™ :: Immortal Kiss™

UPDATED 3/15/09
Visit Our 'Virtual Convention Table' on Facebook!
Facebook Comic Con is a new group we've just created as a part of a larger network called Facebook Comic Con. We've just posted the invites and the group about an hour ago and have already had 33 members sign up . So feel free to join our groups and to discuss all things comics and Graphic Illusions Studios titles with friends and family on the social network that everyone seems to be hooked on! lol

FBCC | Andrew LoVuolo :: FBCC | Dion Floyd

UPDATED 2/15/09
February 27th - March 1st, 2009 – Orlando, FL
This is just a reminder that we'll be attending the 2009 Orlando MegaCon at the end of the month and that you'll be able to meet and greet special guests Andrew LoVuolo - Writer, The Rift™ and Marshal™ and Robert Richardson - Inker The Rift™, creator of Dragon Cross™. This will be the debut of The Rift #5 at MegaCon and we''ll be signing and sketching for fans all weekend long! Come see us in Artist Alley!

Appearances :: The Rift #5

UPDATED 2/2/09
New York Comic Con 2009 - Update!
We just got confirmation that our table designation will be Table i8 in Artist Alley. Due to scheduling conflicts Enrique "Zeke" Savory Jr. will only be available on Sunday for a limited period of time. The good news is that we'll be sitting across from Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner and in the same row as DC inker Jack Purcell (The Rift, Gotham Underground, 52) so get your full set of The Rift™ and then get them signed by Andrew and the rest of the past and present creators on hand!

Appearances :: The Rift #5

UPDATED 1/11/09
Graphic Illustions Studios - Digital Downloads!
A few weeks back we were approached by Eagle One Media, a company well known for their comic book collections on DVD, and they asked us if we would join their catalog of digitally downloadable comics. Realizing the advantages of reaching a whole new audience via the web and their new diigital download model we jumped at the chance to join other mainstream and independent publshers in Eagle One's new venture. We'll still be selling our books at shows and through this website, but want to offer our online fans these chance to buy our books and get to know our characters in this new media format.

We plan on having our books available for download in the coming weeks and will announce our LIVE date here. In the meantime the Eagle One store has landed and already has some fine offering up on their site.

Eagle One Media's Digital Downloads

UPDATED 1/11/09
Convention Reminder: NYCC 2009!
Feb. 6th - 8th, 2009; New York City

Come greet us at the debut of our first ever New York Comic Con! We've been to the show once before to network and to feel out the event. Now the scouting is over and we've locked down our spot in the 'Alley'! Andrew LoVuolo will be at the table most of the weekend and Enrique "Zeke" Savory Jr. has just signed on to spend some time signing and sketching too. See you there!

Appearances :: The Rift #5

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