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Graphic Illusions Comics News

UPDATED 3/9/12
Jose is back in action!
We're happy to announce that Jose has made a swift recovery and that he's been home almost a week and is already returning to work. Welcome back, Jose!

UPDATED 2/27/12
A Special Well Wishes for Our Partner and Good Friend, Jose Loeri!
This morning I received word that our good friend and President/Operartions Manager has been in the hospital all weekend. I'm not sure how serious his condition is at the time of this posting, but wish him better health and a speedy recovery from whatever is ailing him.

Andrew, Dave, and Alan.

UPDATED 2/20/12
Boston's own comics creator Andrew LoVuolo returns to Boston Comic Con 2012!
Graphic Illusions Comics is pleased to announce we will be attending the 2012 Boston Comic Con April 21 - 22, 2012 at the Hynes Convention Center! Visit us in Artist Alley to sample our offerings, meet writer/creator Andrew LoVuolo (The Rift™), and learn what exciting plans we have in store for the coming year!

UPDATED 2/16/12
Intrepid artists appear at MegaCon comics convention in Orlando this weekend!
Intrepid™ artist "Montos" is making a surprise appearance at the MegaCon this weekend. Stop by and meet him along with Intrepid™ letterer Rob Richardson and get a signed copy of Intrepid™ #1-5. you can find him in artist alley, yellow section #13.

UPDATED 10/3/11
Shonen Double Feature Release Date!
Graphic Illusions Comics is proud to announce that Shonen Double Feature will make its long awaited debut on October 14th. Shonen Double Feature #1 is a black and white 52 page double feature chronicling the adventures of Lightning Rod: Defender of Crimson, and The Brooklyn Blur. The book was first released at the Boston Comic Con in April as part of the inaugural G.I. Challenge but will now be available for purchase on this website. More news on Shonen Double Feature will be forthcoming. Stay tuned!

UPDATED 4/19/11
GI Comics Challenges the Attendees of Boston Comic Con 2011!
Graphic Illusions Comics is pleased to announce we will be attending the 2011 Boston Comic Con on April 30th-May 1st at its new location, the Hynes Convention Center! With a bigger venue and a star-studded list of artist and creators, GI Comics is stepping up its game with new products, great combo packages, and an opportunity to win a convention collectible in our first ever GI Comics Challenge! Visit us in artist alley to sample our offerings, meet creator/artists Andrew LoVuolo (The Rift)™ and Jose Loeri (Intrepid™), and learn more about the exciting GI Challenge!

UPDATED 4/8/11
Our 2011 publishing schedule has been updated!
GI Comics is pleased to release its 2011 publishing schedule! Despite the few bumps in the road that hampered our 2010 schedule, the G.I. Comics staff is hard at work and committed to delivering to you, our readers, the finest reading experience possible this year and for years to come. Please click here to view our 2011 publishing schedule. More specific information will be announced as we approach release dates.

UPDATED 2/8/11
G.I. Comics is now on the iPad via the Cloud 9 Comix app!
Cloud 9 Comix is a digital comic book publishing arm of Spectrum Pacific Publishing and founded by Benjamin Slabak in 1996. SPP has published over 30 PC games and now Cloud 9 is moving into digital publishing. As big fans of the independent comics their goal is to be an avenue for all indie comic creators to present their works in a digital format. Check out our books Intrepid™ and The Rift™ on their current app for the iPad and coming soon to the Android and other iOS devices!


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