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Petrillo & Son's biggest Update Since 2004!
Posted 9-30-10 | by Andrew LoVuolo

It's hard to believe we've been working with Petrillo & Son for over six years. Dring that time there have been gradual changes and additions made to the site's galleries, but this update features a 100% redesign based upon the layout we created for Cummings Architects a few years back, but using the brighter Petrillo & Son color scheme, a different script for gallery views, and tons of newer high quality images.

The Fisherman's Feast chooses Graphic Illusions Studios to help usher in their 100th year!
Posted 9/14/10 | by Andrew LoVuolo

We're no strangers to designing websites for local feasts having worked on a huge new site this summer and having hosted another for several years so when Sal LoPiccolo saw our newest site design he contacted Andrew and started the conversation for updating the Fisherman's Feast website to commemorate their 100th Year of the Feast. The new site boasts interactive JavaScript slideshows, lytebox photo galleries, YouTube videos, and an easier-to-use consisten navigation throughout.

BroadSword Comics™ Digital - Flash Comic Book Viewer!
Posted 9-9-10 | by Andrew LoVuolo

BroadSword Comics™ Digital was born out of necessity and innovation. Holly Golightly came to us looking for a safe, secure way to bring the entire Broadsword Comics library to their huge number of fans without the need for download an app or using a third-party device. And so we set out together to design and code a cool custom comic book viewer that we hooked up to a payment gateway and then put it out there for fans to start using. Read more

Belador T-Shirts Are A Hit at DragonCon!
Posted 9-9-10 | by Andrew LoVuolo

Back in May 2010 I had the honor of working with Dianna Love and Sherrilyn Kenyon on designing their new brand logo for their upcoming fantasy series called The Beladors. Although my original concepts won't be seen on the final cover my mockups served as a template for them. This time I was asked to rework the final cover into a sweet T-shirt design to be used as a promotional piece at conventions. The image to the left is the end result. Be sure to check out the series when it drops in October 2010!

Merging Companies and Rebranding? Call us!

I had just designed and built two websites for JVC, Inc. a few months ago so when I got a call to meet with Scott Sr. and Scott Jr. I was shocked to hear that they wanted to redesign one of them. They were inking a huge deal to become the Boston branch of Westchester Modular Homes, Inc. and they needed to merge content from both companies and to rebrand the previous design with the established Westchester Modular Homes colors. Over fifty-one new pages later and the new look was launched!

Proud to be a part of W.J. Grosvenor's 100-year Anniversary!
Posted 8-16-10 | by Andrew LoVuolo

I met Sal DeRosa during the St. Anthony's Feast site redesign and never expected him to inquire about redesiging his own company's website. Sal is the C.O.O. of flooring supply company named W.J. Grosvenor. A company with such longevity deserved a site with a little more polish and so I took on the project and am now a small part in its 100-year legacy. Their new site showcases larger images, tigher content flow, and an all new GUI connecting the pages together.

We've laid the foundation H&R Masonry's new design
Posted 8-15-10 | by Andrew LoVuolo

Alissa Rice came to us looking to bring their former web design into 2010 with wider screen dimensions a bolder more professional look. So we designed a sleek top nav GUI and worked from a color palette centered on stone and cement. We worked with her to get the H&R Masonry gallery beefed up and divided into Commercial and Residential work. In the end Alissa and her boss seemed very pleased with the end result as are we.

Saint Anthony's Feast Gets a Facelift for 2010!
Posted 7-8-10 | by Andrew LoVuolo

It's the largest Italian Religuous feast in New England and it was now time for us to help refresh this lively event online. We started witht he logo – big bold, and on a dynamic angle. Then we streamlined tons of content into a bright clean layout. This site has it all: JavaScript image viewers, Vimeo and YouTube videos, and tons of photos to see. Of course everything rests upon the iconic colors of the Itailan flag with a "tomato" reds and greens. Be ready to mangia on August 27th through the 29th!

CAMP Gator Pairs Athletes With Kids And Everyone Wins!
Posted 7-8-10 | by Andrew LoVuolo

CAMP Gator's website started as an out-of-the-box website built by Dr. Matthew Ohlson of the University of Florida. So when the time came for an upgrade to the program's branding image he turned to us. The logo and was designed to look like a hand-painted letters on an old camp sign and also resembled thick swamp grass. The design needed to appeal to parents and students alike so a vibrant green and cool gator skin texture were just what the doctor ordered! A fun JavaScript photo gallery then added some interactivity to the mix.

Wharf Partners Charts Your Business' Goals!
Posted 7-7-10 | by Andrew LoVuolo

Christine McMahon came to us looking for a new professional looking website to bump her new venue up to the next level. Working closely with her we designed and implemented a site that was business professional and that focused visuals on her company's location in Bakc Bay of Boston. if you're looking for a consultant who specializes in strategic communcations then be sure to check out Wharf Partners.

Andrew LoVuolo to Appear at SDCC 2010!
Posted 7-6-10 | by Andrew LoVuolo

Late breaking news! After working out budgets for airfare and hotels just last week we are pleased to announce that writer/creator Andrew J. LoVuolo (The Rift) will be making a return appearance in San Deigo at this year's Comic Con. Andrew has been asked to the show as a guest artist for ComicArtistSupplies.com and will have full sets of The Rift for sale and will be signing and sketching all week long at booths 1600-1608. Stop by to meet and greet Andrew and to see the tools that the pros use in action!

We're on a Kenyon and Dianna Love design Kick!
Posted 5-27-10 | by Andrew LoVuolo

#1 New York Times Bestselling Author, Sherrilyn Kenyon doubling my pleasure and my honor by introducing me to her writing partner Dianna Love. With the My Kenyon logos approved and other print and web needs tended to Dianna and Sherrilyn came to me looking for another new logo to brand their all new series called The Beldors™. They were looking for something filled with detail like a Celtic Triquetra and so we went to work hammering out the perfect logo and adding to it the proper customized font face. Check out the logo as well as my concept cover design work after the jump.

Designing brand logos for #1 New York Times Bestselling author Sherrilyn Kenyon!
Posted 5-27-10 | by Andrew LoVuolo

OK, so I've dedcided to unveil something that's been done and in the public view for quite some time now. While working as Art Director at another company in 2009 I had the pleasure of working with #1 New York Times Bestselling Author, Sherrilyn Kenyon. After being laid off Sherrilyn contracted me for some logo design. Click on the thumbnail to the left for more info on how I recently designed some killer logos for this high profile and super endearing author.

2009-2010 logo galleries have been updated!
Posted 5-26-10 | by Andrew LoVuolo

Since today was the first slow day in a while I used the time wisely and updated the logo gallery. Now you can see all of the logos designed for our clients in 2009 and in 2010 to the present. Looks like I've been fairly busy all things considered in thie economic down turn. If you see something you like let me know and we'll gladly design you an equally iconic logo for your new or existing brand.

LuigiCiccone.com is 100% approved and LIVE!
Posted 4-1-10 | by Andrew LoVuolo

This has been a busy week for project launches and with more to come! This week we also launched a site for a local Luigi Ciccone Masonry and Excavation. Working with Giovanni Ciccone we carried through the rich Italian heritage theme that's been the basis of his brand for decades while updating their logo by adding a mason's trowel and brick elements to the design. Their new site showcases all of their services and impressive equipment available for rental to their customers.

Benjamin Custom Modulars' website goes LIVE!
Posted 3-30-10 | by Andrew LoVuolo

It wasn't long after launching the local JVC Inc. website that Debra Benjamin finding it on Google and asked us to design a similar site for her new business Benjamin Custom Modular Homes. Her company is a NY-based reseller of the same modular homes so we created for her a new logo and fresh color scheme. Debra is now the proud owner of a professional looking site customized for her own needs and preferences.

Kids Spilling Your 2-Liter Soda Everywhere? Get a Grippi™!
Posted 2-23-10 | by Andrew LoVuolo

Inventor Steve Harris has designed something that most parents are sure to love. It's a collapsible "Soda Handle" designed to fit all 2-liter soda bottles. There's even a place to store the cap while pouring! We were asked to create a site to fit those popular AS SEEN ON TV ones and Steve's site is proof that we nailed it. We also setup the secure server and created a custom mini-cart to connect to his PayPal Pro gateway.

Grippi™ is a trademark of Grippi Enterprises. © 2010 Grippi Enterprises.

JVC Modular Homes Goes Live!
Posted 2-22-10 | by Andrew LoVuolo

There's still some fine tuning and content polishing to work on, but JVC Modular Homes' newly redesigned website has gone live to coincide with the launch of their new marketing campaign that includes highway billboards pointing people straight to their new website! We designed this site keeping in mind that it was a sister site to the original JVC site that we also recently redesigned for JVC Inc.

Mac Demy's entire album debuts with new cover art!
Posted 1-21-10 | by Andrew LoVuolo

Today we updated the Mac Demy website with all-new album cover designs by yours truly as well as access to his entire debut album of songs with his three hit singles that are now available for purchases on Rhapsody and iTunes! Please head on over and give him a listen!

We're designing the badges for Chicago Comic Con!
Posted 1-20-10 | by Andrew LoVuolo

Can't give all of the details just yet, but we've been asked to design the four unique badges for the 2010 Chicago Comic Con by a 'certain someone' sponsoring the event. Two are already locked in and approved. We'll post them here and on Facebook as soon as we can!

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