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Simply Kmer Restaurant
Simply Khmer is Simply Amazing!
Posted 12-19-13

Every project I take on becomes a personal project to me even if I never get to meet a client that lives thousands of miles away and sometimes never even get the chance to talk to over the phone. That's the world we live in. But working on Simply Khmer's website was personal to me because I worked with the owner's sister for years and then had the honor of designing and building their site from the ground up. During the process I got to learn a lot about the Cambodian culture and cuisine. Since launching their site Simply Khmer has been featured on shows like Bizzare Foods, Neighborhood Kitchens, and WCVB Boston's Chronicle.

Rino's Place
Posted 12-18-13

Never judge a book by its cover and definitely don't judge Rino's Place by it's vinyl sided exterior. This hidden jewel is a super busy restaurant located in East Boston, MA and it known worldwide for it's authentic Italian cooking. In the past few years since I've been entrusted with designing an maintaining their site Rino's has been featured on the Food Networks' Diners, Dives and Drive-Thru's to the point that their web server was pulled due to the excessive traffic their site got after each re-run of their episode.

Benjamin Custom Homes version 2.0
Posted 12-17-13

This post is long overdue as will be the next few posts. I met Deb Benjamin via the web after revamping a local builder's site into a larger company that became the regional leader for Greater Boston. Deb is a NY based modular home builder and seller who was looking to do something similar in her own home state and so I worked with her to create a similar site that a year or so later evolved into the current 2.0 version of her site.

Graphic Illusions Studios Update
Posted 12-18-13

What can I say? It's been a busy few years. I was unemployed for nearly two years between 2009 and 2011. In March I went back to the 40-hour work week starting out as a Web Designer and quickly working back up to the title of Art Director for a local software company. During that time my great friends and clients here on the freelance side of things kept the lights on, gas in my car, and the condo's roof over my head. I've been so busy ever since that I've not updated in all this time. So now I'm back and hoping to be able to update this site more frequently than I have been.

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